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A podcast about the fun and games that helped us grow up

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About Grow up level Up

"Grow Up, Level Up" is a podcast about how the fun and games of our childhoods, end up shaping us into who we are. We talk to guests about their favourite childhood games, and how it brought them to their careers, hobbies, lifestyles, and more. The goal of this podcast is to highlight the often-overlooked importance of play and its impact on our development as well as how it continues to influence us today. By exploring the transformative power of games and play, "Grow Up, Level Up" aims to inspire listeners to embrace their inner child and recognize the valuable role that play can continue to play in their lives.

About the host

Samson Li is a Vancouver native who wears many hats, including sound design, child and youth care work, and community management. He is currently employed as both a community manager at a tech startup accelerator and a youth worker. Samson's passion for teaching, creating, and playing is evident in his diverse skill set.

When he's not busy with work, Samson indulges in his love for video games. He is well-versed in all platforms, from PC to Playstation to mobile, and enjoys keeping up with industry trends and exploring various game genres. In his free time, he also enriches himself by watching educational YouTube videos and listening to informative podcasts.

Samson's latest venture, "Grow Up Level Up," is a passion project aimed at chronicling the life experiences of his acquaintances and beyond. This project is inspired by Samson's love for play and his belief that fun is an essential life skill and experience.